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Ebay goodness!!

I have 3...count them--3...closets full of clothing! I need to move some of this out!

Gothic, historical, etc. Check it out! Only a few hours left!


Thanks for looking!


Selling some of my clothing on Ebay. Check it out if you have a chance. Recollections Polonaise outfit with only one bid and very low price! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220529700755&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Thanks for looking!

More Stuff.

I've added a few Halloween costumes that have NEVER been worn to the yard sale items. Please stop by and check 'em out. Pretty please...with Evil on top! ;)



~~Evil Lily~~

P.S. I'm adding more items daily.



I'm moving! Soon! Help me clean house! Pretty please!


Taffeta Polonaise Outfit XL
This dark red taffeta two piece 1880's style outfit features a long jacket that is bustled at the back. It is trimmed with lace at the neckline, hemmed edge and on the large flounced sleeves. The skirt is 40" in length and has a shirred and bustled overskirt that is also trimmed in lace. The overskirt matches the fabric on the jacket. Size XL I have only worn this a few times for photos. I paid 200.00 plus including shipping. I would like to get back at least 100.00. However, if anyone wants it badly enough, maybe we can make a deal. Shipping is 15.00.
Measuremenst: Bust 44-46 Waist 35-37


Size 7 Platform Heels.

There's much more on the site and I'm adding more daily. I need to clean house...or closet...whatever!

The Blood Countess Skirt being modeled by Ugly Shyla



Photo taken by Brittany Chretien


Apple anyone?

What kind of poison is your personality?


Anyone who samples your "apples" will wish they'd eaten Drano! You're found in the Manchineel Tree, the very tree responsible for thousands of deaths in the tropics! Like an assassin, you tempt men to eat of your luscious, plump fruit. The taste is divine at first, until about the third or fourth big bite. Then the throat and mouth swells shut and breathing becomes difficult. The lining of the stomach is eaten away, continuing down into the upper and lower gut. Death is usually certain and pain is, of course, like being burned alive from the inside out. Hell, even sitting in your shade can be deadly as the sap and dew from the leaves become caustic and can eat away the skin. Apple anyone?

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Men and Their "Issues"

Could someone puh-leazzzeee tell me what the hell is up (no pun intended) with the Enzyte commercial with the guy dressed up as Santa. Now I have to explain to the little kiddies that he isn't really Santa, and no, Mom doesn't sit in that guys lap. Of course, I really haven't explained anything, but I mean really! That is so tacky! Plus the commercial is on all hours of the day. Ya know, I could understand those commercials being on later at night. Us women don't get shit other than the KY ads that are really annoying too. Or that late night Trojan finger vibrator thingymajig. I just think it's tacky to use the fat bearded man for the commercial.

Just saying....

Just Because.

I received an email this morning telling me I had been included in a treasury on Etsy. I'm sure this isn't the most exciting news. However, it is Monday, and it made my day a bit better.


Now back to work!