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Pet Peeve

I have to say it! I just have to!

Why is that when people get little bitty tattoos they want to count all 50 of them and then ask how many I have! I lost count along time ago. One entire arm is a sleeve. The other is almost a sleeve. I have most of my body tattooed in one way or another. I have NO idea how many tatts I have anymore. Who cares? I'm not impressed with the number. I'm impressed with the quality! It drives me nuts!  "I now have 29 tattoos! What's one more?" Ok I might be impressed if there were 29 awesome fantastic tattoos. So in other words, just STFU!

Yes, I'm bitchy tonight.

And a bit tipsy. Should I count beers? Will that impress anyone? Exactly!!!!

New stuff and other life things.

Newly listed on the website. Head on over and check it out it you have a chance.


Now onto the frustration that is causing me to almost pull my hair out at the (very grey) roots!

As some of you know, I'll be moving to South Carolina in a very short period of time. I'm not sure of the exact date even though it is less than 2 months! This is making it hard to get in the right mindset. I know I need to have a huge yard sale and rid my house of all the excess so it will be easier to move. I also know I need to find a house out in SC. However, I would rather just stay in on-post housing at the moment. It's less stressful to deal with in the long run...no rushing to find a house or come up with a huge deposit and first months rent. Evidently the cost of living is much higher. I'm sure it's due to the fact Ft. Jackson is right outside of Columbia. Which, of course, means higher prices on everything! Now I don't want to sound cheap or anything, but I want my money to go to supplies instead of my gas tank. Know what I mean, (Vern)? LOL! 

The other thing causing me such worry is that every time we move, I want to kill Jaysan. I get really stressed and bitchy, and well, he is just a man after all! Men and their stupid tempers! We just get on one another's nerves during the entire moving process. He always wants things his way, but I know the right way! Yes, I am right and he is wrong! hehehe....I've almost made it to the point that I just let him make his stupid mistake and then wait for him to tell me I was right. That, my friends, is priceless!  :)

I also have at least 3 other projects I'm working on at the moment. I have spread myself pretty thin. (WOW! I wish that were true in real life. I would be one skinny biotch!) So, I guess I really should get off of the computer and get back to business.



New items listed on the website that are not my own brand. Most are goddess sizes. That was most requested when I asked, so I'm trying to accommodate. Take a look if you get a chance.



Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy

What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?
A headless woman in a dress with two large dogs attached to either side of her body. Their snouts are connected her shoulders, back feet to her dress hemline.

Just Complainin'

I just want to say that I would really appreciate the electricity NOT going out when it is 103 degrees outside! Not to mention the fact I was in the shower when the electricity went out!!!

Now I'm behind on my schedule for today! I was planning on getting started on some more blood splatter skirts for Halloween. I'm sure I'll get started a bit later tonight, but I really hate to have my plans all shot to shit.

The giant orb in the sky hates me. I hate my electric company.

I'd Like to Thank The Academy

I am so happy to annouce I'm a weiner...er, winner. Hehehe....

1. Buy super heavy duty ear plugs.

2. Insert said ear plugs into my ears.

3. Enjoy the sound of silence.

4. Just smile at the kids when they enter the room to tell on one another.

5. Enjoy the sound of silence.

Yes, my kids are on my last nerve. I love them. They are still being little shits. It gets this way every year around the middle of the Summer break. You would think I would/could get used to it. HA!

At least the weather wasn't as hot today. Although that isn't saying much. Tomorrow is supposed to be milder also. **fingers crossed** Still no rain though.

I see this is going to be another night of not being able to sleep. Sleeping pills and melatonin are not helping much, but they help me get a bit of rest occassionally. **fingers crossed**

Now I'm just staring at the computer screen. It's going to be a long night.

6. Reinsert ear plugs.

7. Enjoy the silence.

Eye Candy

Nun Bowling.

  I found this wonderful little box 'o' nuns at Barnes and Noble.

Why yes! I do spend way too much time at Barnes and Noble. Maybe if I say Barnes and Noble enough I can get free goodies! :)

Ok back to the nuns....


   I think they go well with my Nun-chucks that Jaysan bought me a few years back. I have made a world domination kit out of my nun collection.